Over a week ago, I gave a TED talk about the role of simulation games in higher education and how they could disrupt the education system as we know it. Below, you’ll find the video, the slides I used and the full transcript of the text. Are you interested in helping me to make this game ready to enroll in a couple of years?


AAEAAQAAAAAAAAyyAAAAJDYyMTNhZmJlLTBmM2EtNDQ2OS1hZjRkLWFmMTVhYTI0MGFlZg.jpg   This article was written by Jan Spruijt. Jan Spruijt is an expert in Innovation Sciences. He designs business simulations, academic programs, masterclasses, courses, keynotes and learning material in the field of strategic design, organization design and (open) innovation. Connect with Jan at jan@openinnovatie.nl for opportunities.


7 Billion Universities | Jan Spruijt | TEDxVenlo

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