Ten Types of Innovation Infographic

By far one of the most interesting books on innovation of the last few years is “Ten Types of Innovation: the discipline of building breakthroughs” by Keeley. At the time of publishing he was director of the firm Doblin, however the firm has recently been acquired by Deloite. The Ten Types of Innovation explain different forms of innovation, bundles in three categories. Because we believe this book should be present [&hellip

Agile Methods in a New Area of Innovation Management and Business Modeling.

This article by Link and Lewrick (2014), presented at the Science-to-Business Marketing Conference, provides an interesting overview of the possibilities of Agile Methods in Innovation Management. The authors propose that Agile Methods should not be used in R&D only, but also in fields like organizational culture, management style, structures, effective working and cunstomer relationships. Preliminary results indicate that using their methodology for Agile Business Models creates more than 100% growth [&hellip

6 Lessons that Innovation Managers could learn from Louis van Gaal

This article was written before the powerful match against Spain last Friday and states that there are 6 reasons why Louis van Gaal can beat Spain: the lessons from Louis van Gaal. These lessons also translate perfectly to Innovation Managers. These are the 6 management lessons from Louis van Gaal to Innovation Managers: 1. An Innovation Manager is nodest 2. An Innovation Manager puts the individual in the middle 3. [&hellip

10 Years of Open Innovation Research

This scientific publication by Bogers and Chesbrough provides an interesting and pragmatic overview of 10 years of scientific research towards Open Innovation. It uses trends graphs, wordclouds and most cited articles to clarify the development of the expertise. Topics include: – Intra-organizational Individual : Group/Team , Project , Functional area , Business unit – Organizational Firm : Other (non-firm) organization, Strategy , Business model – Extra-organizational: External stakeholders, individual, community, [&hellip

Where does ‘The Innovation Funnel’ come from? A short history.

This great article from 2011 by Gerry Katz provides us with an overview of the different models that have been developed around innovation processes and New Product Development. In short: – 1980: New Product and Development Service Process (Hauser) – 1986: Stage Gate (Cooper) – 1992: Innovation Funnel (Wheelwright & Clark) – 1992: New Product Development Funnel (McGrath) – 2005: Innovation Funnel (MIT) And he proposes a new design in [&hellip

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