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Homepage of open innovation researchers worldwide.

Portal concerning Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing.

Open Innovation portal for the Netherlands & Belgium.
This website contains a convenient repository for papers on topics related to innovation by users.


Free Open Source Research Community
For many years free/open source software has been building momentum. Beginning amidst the technical cultures that produced the Internet and World Wide Web, it is now causing quite a stir in the commercial world as large software corporations are finding themselves competing against commercially available open source software. This new demand for free and open source software has piqued interest among scholars in disciplines ranging from sociology to economics to social psychology, and has raised questions in fields of application ranging from innovation processes to strategic management. This portal contains is dedicated to create a community of information exchange that will lead to a greater understanding of open source and it’s applications.
A German online community on open innovation. contains a collection of articles in the field of open innovation, aiming to create a business network where scientists meet practitioners.


Research institute

Eindhoven Centre of Innovation Studies (E.C.I.S.)
Ecis is a research institute located at the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (the Netherlands). A social sciences perspective on innovation and technology is the focusing device of the Ecis research programme.

Department of Innovation and Environmental Sciences, University Utrecht, The Netherlands

The mission of the Innovation Studies research programme is to analyse the causes and consequences of innovation in order to enable more valid modelling of innovation processes and performance, and to test theories that allow for the development of policies and interventions that facilitate social and economically successful innovation.


The Dutch Knowledge network on System Innovations (KSI) comprises over 60 researchers from a dozen universities and research institutes with specific knowledge and expertise of transitions and system innovations. Their objective is to better understand, identify and influence the process of transitions. Therefore their interests cover on the one hand process architecture, system knowledge, competence, learning processes, and competence development of transitions, and on the other hand instruments for initiating, guiding, monitoring, and evaluating transitions.

Competence centre for Open Innovation, St. Gallen, Switserland

Recently, the institute of Technology Management of the university of St. Gallen has established a new competence centre regarding open innovation related research.

Leuven Inc.

Leuven Inc wants to build a permanent bridge between the enterprising knowledge creators and the technology entrepreneurs, that complement such knowledge, and to create out of this supplementary relationship a healthy and dynamic, future-oriented, expanding prosperity in the region of Leuven.



Unilever Technology Ventures

UTV has been formed to access new technologies that may enhance the scope and quality of the branded goods and services of Unilever, its parent company

Philips Corporate Venturing

Philips Corporate Venturing (PCV) is the venture capital arm of Philips Electronics. A separate unit within the Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions group, PCV started in 1998 in Silicon Valley as a “radar” for new technologies and partnership opportunities for Philips businesses.

High Tech Campus  Eindhoven

The High Tech Campus Eindhoven is a technology center with a worldwide reputation and provides companies with advanced facilities and an optimum working environment containing many thousands of top-notch engineers. The High Tech Campus Eindhoven focuses on crucial technological areas such as microsystems, devices, embedded systems, signal processing and nanotechnology. With ‘Open Innovation’ as the motto, technological breakthrough is assisted by an emphasis on sharing equipment, services and knowledge

DSM Venturing

DSM Venturing, the corporate venturing unit of DSM, invests in promising start-ups to gain access to new technologies and innovative products in DSM’s strategic growth fields. Besides financial support, DSM Venturing facilitates admission to DSM’s knowledge, resources and networks in order to contribute to the development of the start-up. This way DSM Venturing plays an important role in the innovation process at DSM as an interface between DSM and the start-up community.

Siemens Corporate Venturing

SVC’s goal is to identify and fund investments in emerging and innovative technologies that will enhance the core business scope of Siemens, particularly in information and communications, medical solutions, automation and control, power, automotive technology and transportation systems, and lighting.

Fortis Corporate Venturing

The reason for the creation of a corporate venturing unit within Fortis was that there is a huge potential of creative and innovative ideas that just need the necessary support to be developed and implemented. Fortis Venturing wants to provide this support because we are convinced that the combination of a well-supported innovative idea and a properly coached entrepreneur can make the difference… for Fortis and its customers.



IBM Venture Capital

Dedicated to venture capital firms and the portfolio companies they fund, this portal demonstrates IBM’s commitment to the venture capital community and investment in innovation.


The traditional approach to innovation tends to produce proprietary technologies and products that are often hard to migrate from as a customer. Dell has a more open and effective approach to R&D.



ISPIM Conference

The 2009 ISPIM ConferenceThe Future of Innovation – will be held in Vienna, Austria on 21-24 June 2009. Organised by ISPIM, hosted by The Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, and supported by DANUBE European Programmes for Training, Research and Technology and Ratio Strategy & Innovation Consulting, this conference will bring together academics, business leaders, consultants and other professionals involved in innovation management