During the latest years, open innovation has become increasingly important. Open innovation enables companies to be able to respond in a quick and flexible way to changes in the environment and to remain competitive despite the shortening time-to-market and life cycles of products and technologies. Also in the European business context, this shift is noticeable. The advantages of open innovation for large multinationals are apparent. However, also smaller European companies can benefit from cooperation with other parties. Although the increasing mobility of highly educated employees, the growing amount of entrepreneurs and the emergence of venture capital might at first sight seem to be a threat to the survival of the current business, it also creates opportunities. For instance, through cooperation with innovative entrepreneurs or with universities in order to come to new innovations or through the use of venture capital to bring new technologies, that do not fit the current strategy, to the market externally. Managers of European companies are increasingly discovering  open innovation as a major challenge to speed up their innovation process and to improve the innovation based growth strategies. Nevertheless, their is still a long way to go. Open innovation is not yet fully developed as a new management practice to spur innovation in European companies and many firms are still struggling with the appropriate implementation of it.

To meet the increasing need for information with respect to the importance and use of open innovation, we established this platform. The development of  www.openinnovation.eu intends to contribute to the development and knowledge diffusion of the concept of open innovation in the European business community, through:

  • functioning as an interface between academia and the needs of practitioners
  • developing management tools and in-company training
  • exploring new application fields for open innovation
  • contributing to the awareness with respect to open innovation in Europe
  • research and publication in the field of open innovation focusing on the best practices in Europe and around the world
  • stimulating the exchange of knowledge (e.g. best practices) between experienced practitioners.
  • developing an on-line OI-scan for companies to test their OI-expertise vis-à-vis a benchmark of other companies

OpenInnovation.eu is supported by the originator of the term, Henry Chesbrough and is part of www.openinnovation.net, a broader, worldwide network focusing on OI.

Dr. Ir. Vareska van de Vrande

Ir. Jan Spruijt

Dr. Drs. Maurice de Rochemont