Top 10 Best Articles on Open Innovation in 2013

Based on the rankings of the SSRN database, we are able to create a ranking of the best Рmost downloaded РOpen Innovation and related topics articles that have been published in 2013 so far. Therefore, this is a list of brand new theories, recent case studies, preliminary results and pioneering research. The Theory of Crowd Capital; Prpic, J., & Shukla, P. Abstract: We are seeing more and more organizations [&hellip

Public policies for Innovation

In a recent report Henry Chesbrough, Wim vanhaverbeke, Jeroen de Jong and Tarmo Kalvet explore how policy makers can enhance and leverage open innovation practices in European economies by aligning labor market policy, education policy, IP-regulation, innovation policy and other policy domains in line with the the rapidly changing needs of firms that innovate in collaboration with research institutes, suppliers, customers, innovation intermediaries, and other partners. The report provides a [&hellip