Do you have an open innovation strategy?

In today’s business environment, where startups play an increasingly important role and disruptions come from unexpected corners of the business arena, embracing external sources of knowledge as part of an open innovation strategy becomes crucial! Rotterdam School of Management launches a new programme focused on implementing such an open innovation strategy with a particular focus on the role of startups. What is the role of startups in today’s business environment and how can corporates and startups effectively cooperate? During [&hellip

Global Innovation Barometer: Innovation has Strategic Priority

Last week the Global Innovation Barometer (GE) has been launched. The barometer provides results from (the most important) economies around the world . For instance, in the Dutch Report they conclude: “Innovation is a strategic priority for Dutch Businesses”, with almost 91% of the respondents mentioning it.  Moreover, the report mentions the following indicators as most important for innovation: the improvement of existing products or services (mentioned by 80%) the [&hellip

Innovation Management Game: start-up of the year

Just like last year, we’ll publish a (small) list containing the most promising start-ups of the year. Obviously, we’ll share our opinion from the perspective of Open Innovation by answering the following questions: Does the start-up contribute to the field of Open Innovation? Does the start-up contribute to the field of Innovation Management? Does the start-up contribute to the European knowledge economy? Is the product/idea innovative? Does it meet customer [&hellip

Europe dominates Global Competitiveness Report

Switzerland keeps its prime position in the list and Singapore stays second. Switzerland is renowned for its high investment in Research and Development and highly integrated collaboration efforts between business and knowledge institutes. In Singapore the main factors mentioned are the professional attitude and efficiency of the government. The top 5 is completed with two Scandinavian countries – Sweden and Finland, because of their investments in innovation and their outstanding integration between higher [&hellip

6 leading pharma players join forces to beat costs

Six leading companies from the pharmaceutical industry have decided to join forces to beat cost pressures. While on the one hand being strong competitors, they on the other hand decided to get together and share best practises in “a bid to improve efficiency and  bring down rising operation costs.” This article was brought to our attention by one of our readers; thanks for sharing this example with us, Aravind Ananthakrishnan [&hellip

New website launched!

Today we have launched our new website. After six years of heavy duty, it is now the time for a new look. The new layout aims, more than last version, to bring together professionals from the field and create fruitful conversation about Open Innovation, Co-Creation and related items. Please, let us know what you think of it. Kind regards, Maurice, Vareska and Jan

Companies need to collaborate on innovation

The news paper “Financieel Dagblad”, Financial Daily, has recently published an article on Open Innovation. It was based upon several interviews with industry leaders regarding a research paper published by Deloitte earlier this week. The title says it all: “Companies need to collaborate on innovation.” In the article, the author is referring to Open Innovation as “cooperation between organisations and institutions.” The interviewees all mention the need for Open Innovation, [&hellip

McKinsey web 2.0 annual survey

Companies are using more Web 2.0 tools and technologies than they were last year, sometimes for more complex business purposes, according to McKinsey’s second annual survey on Web 2.0. Companies that are satisfied with their use of these tools are starting to see changes throughout the enterprise.   Download the article here:  Mckinsey July 2008 &nbsp