The use of Open Innovation is to a large extent related to the rise of technology. Not only does technology smoothen Open Innovation, also the adaption of new technologies to the core business (model) can be accelerated by participating in Open Innovation networks. In fact, when talking to businesses the questions that they have do almost never directly include the use of Open Innovation as a goal. It’s assumed a logical and necessary step to take when dealing with actual problems. Simply said, many innovation questions that companies have follow the simple pattern: ‘How can we [change something] in order to improve our [business model construct] in line with [trending topic]?’. These are as such practical, design-oriented questions, not about why [something] happens, or what is the effect of [something] but about how to change to adapt to that [something].

Given that, without having done a lot of research, I created a small game that you could use in workshop, team meetings, or whatsoever, to lead the discussion in the right way. The [change something] is about Open Innovation, the [trending topic] is about smart technologies. Why? Because I think that covers most of the current questions available. Below, you’ll find the result.

How can we…

…with partners or customers to improve our…

…with the use of…?

Do you like it? I’m looking for great alternative ‘wheels’ to create. Drop a suggestion and I’ll add them to this post. Looking for a more sophisticated game on Innovation & Enterpreneurship, take a look at the simulations of Innovative Dutch.


IMG_4152_Dit_is_hem_120_100.jpg   This article was written by Jan Spruijt. Jan Spruijt is a senior lecturer and entrepreneur in Innovation Sciences. Connect with Jan to stay in touch: